peach trees


My plan:

April week 1:
Begin season-long pest control program on peaches, plums, and cherries. Spray every 10 days (except during bloom and close to harvest).

Dormant Season (late winter/early spring, before bud break)
Growing Season: Bud Break (emergence of new growth)
Growing Season: After Blossom (after petals drop*)

March, week 5: Peaches, Cherries and Plums: 3/4 lb per tree per year of tree age

*gives bees and other beneficials a chance to safely pollinate the blossoms

From internet
A simple program for control of diseases of stone fruits would include at least three preventative fungicide sprays. For example, chlorothalonil before bud swell for peach leaf curl and at petal fall for scab; captan and sulfur as cover sprays for scab and brown rot; and a combination spray (Fruit Tree and Plant Guard containing pyraclostrobin and boscalid along with an insecticide), applied three weeks before harvest for brown rot. Combination tree fruit spray products are available that may control both disease and insects. However, it is always good to scout and keep good records, to know what insects are present, and spray only what is necessary and labeled. Insecticide sprays may harm bees and other beneficial insects, so always read the label and spray according to label directions.

viable pits sink in water

let’s try this:
some pits, some seeds
plant in pots
put pots in ground september 2020
[EDIT] I did try in 2020 by planting a bunch of white peach pits from Lancaster PA. 2 came up the first year 2021. 3 more came up in 2022 and one even came up in the compost pit (not sure what it is…)

2121 plans

trellis front sidewalk

  • move tulips
  • milkweed

shrubs firewood
thuja occidentalis rheingold native
3-5′ height, 3-5′ height
trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens)
clover x 4
st johns wort
beebalm, wild bergamot
white bergamot (Monarda clinopodia)