2020 00 plans

add 300 more blocks to fence line
concrete path to fire needs 26 80 lbs bags of concrete, need form from Jason
Patio Kitchen Window Table, need composite wood from Jason
Patio West Wall with salon doors, https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/04/21/south-side-trellis/
Front Sidewalk Arbor for clematis
Round Patio Picnic Table, share plans with farmers market https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/05/21/round-picnic-table/
Grape Trellis https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/05/21/2020-grape-trellis/
Pond https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/04/24/pond/
paint rain barrel with black light highlights https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/04/24/rain-barrel/
on hold – use transformer install a solar panel to light the solar lights https://blog.homlish.net/technology/2020/01/12/solar-led-lights/
fairy garden in front of patio https://blog.homlish.net/garden/2020/05/07/fairy-garden/
add electricity to outside front and back of house

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2020 pond

rough calculations
10′ round x 2’deep = 157 cubic feet
1174 gallons

A good rule of thumb for garden ponds from 100 to 2000 gallons is to circulate the entire volume of the pond every 1-2 hours to ensure good circulation while providing enough flow for an aesthetically pleasing waterfall, stream or fountainhead. So pump should do 500-1000 gal/hour
gallons/hour decreases depending on height or fountain

1000 gallon/hour pump @ Danner is ~$140

8″ waterfall box ~$24
comes with 2″ fitting


pond and fountain

* let’s start digging.
How high can we get the waterfall
How deep can we get the back edge?
* trenches/grading
* reroute sump discharge temporary
* measure gallons of water per discharge from sump pump DONE 8 gallons/discharge
* move all rocks out of the way DONE
* fix discharge, deeper, 5′ from edge
* move plants but keep them wet DONE
* rope the design
* build elevated parts
* dig up pit
* reroute sump discharge permanent
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