Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing


This post will track our experience with Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

We finally decided to have a basement system installed after we had a catastrophy with our sewer and underground spring https://blog.homlish.net/blog/2018/11/29/alders-water-woes/.

We received 5 quotes for the work and decided to go with Mid-Atlantic for several reasons. Their price was actually the highest, but we liked

  • Guarantee of the entire wall and the floor up to 3′ from the wall.  Every other company only guaranteed where the wall meets the floor, if they offered  a guarantee at all
  • Only company to grade the collection pipe down to the sump pit
  • Only company that didn’t want to hide the wall after the work.  Instead they recommended we don’t use Dry Lok to seal the wall but instead allow it to breath.  They also would install ports at the top of the wall to facilitate air flow
  • They use a patented self cleaning collection pipe


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