Fence Timeline

From this before we started, an overgrown mess (May 7, 2018):

North West Side
North West side, & Bestsy
North Side
East Side
East Side

After we cleared the overgrowth (August 25, 2018):

west side facing east
south facing east->west
east side facing south (single gate)
se corner facing west
center facing se
center facing south

Trying to deal with the wet mucky mess I rented a tractor and took a week off of work (September 13, 2018):

I got stuck

Paco helped (September 21, 2018):

The fence was wet work (September 21, 2018)

I thought it was done (November 2, 2018) but the water came back. A cracked pipe from the sump pump helped add to the water

We got it done (September 22, 2018) and I finally spread some grass seed (November 9, 2018) just in time for the cold snap. The seed is sitting out there just waiting for some warm weather


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